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Dust, leaves or bird droppings can soil solar panels to such an extent that the efficiency of the panels decreases. On average, a solar panel is soiled by between 4.4 and 7.7% per year. In addition, the water film that remains on your solar panel after a rain shower reflects 20% of the available daylight. Treatment of the surface of the solar panels with a nano coating (PV-14) causes the majority of the dirt to be washed off the surface with the water and transforms the water film into droplets during a rain shower. This combination allows the output of the solar panel to be increased by up to 8%.

Fields of expertise

The Greenpower Nano PV-14 for solar panels can be used i.a. in the following sectors:

  • Energy production
  • Building construction

If your sector is not listed and you are wondering whether the Greenpower Nano PV-14 coating is applicable for your company/sector, then contact us without obligation.


  • Lower costs: less maintenance, repairs and cleaning
  • Higher yield: better use of absorbed sunlight, longer service life
  • Durable: wear-resistant, prevents abrasion of the surface of solar panels, resistant to weathering, extremely long service life (up to 20 years!)
  • Image: no adhesion of dirt, grease, oil and organic growth

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