R&D departments are continuously searching for innovations and new possibilities and applications to make products cheaper, more effective, more efficient, faster, smaller, etc. These activities go hand-in-hand with our nano technologies.

Fields of expertise

The Greenpower Nano coating for the R&D sector can be used i.a. in the following applications:

  • Road construction
  • Product design
  • Construction industry
  • Building construction
  • Real estate
  • IT

If your sector is not listed and you are wondering whether the Greenpower Nano coating is applicable for your company/sector, then contact us without obligation.

  • Lower costs: less maintenance, repairs and cleaning, better insulation
  • Higher yield: better use of absorbed sunlight, longer service life
  • Eco-friendly: biodegradable
  • Durable: wear resistant, longer service life: wear resistant, protection against corrosion, erosion, weathering, (salt) water, chlorides, acids and oils
  • Image: no adhesion of dirt, grease, oil and organic growth (e.g. algae), colour enhancement
  • Safe: Foodsafe certification tested on foodstuffs and water

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Glass surfaces such as solar panels, windows and glass doors in buildings


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