How to prevent Corrosion under Insulation (CUI) and keep your plant/platform safe, sustainable and maintenance friendly

There are several ways to fight CUI

  • Epoxy – several layers of epoxy will fully protect all piping
  • TSA – base material which will contribute itself to protect steel from corrosion
  • Traditional coatings – paint can protect the pipe from corrosion
  • Permanent Protector 14 (PP14) – A nano technology that prevents the surface from corrosion caused by derogation due to chlorides, chemicals, acids, salt water

PP14 protects your piping under insulation:
By applicating PP14 on a pipe we will bring an inert layer to the surface of the pipe.

PP14 exists out of 40% solid (SIO2) and 60% volatiles (among them Toluene).
All volatiles are required to bring the SIO2 to the molecule of the steel.

How this works:
By applicating our PP14, by either spraying or brushing. we will bring  the PP14, with its SIO2 and volatiles to the steel (Stainless, carbon, aluminium, etc), where it connects with the electrons of the steel on the nano scale (0.12-0.14 nano meter). This will create a hard inert layer that will not allow any fluid, acid, chloride from attacking the surface underneath. The inert layer has a different tension to its surface whereto nothing will adhere, condensation droplets and water will behave differently.

So what does this mean in the field?

  • Timewise:

You will win a lot of time as only 1 layer (8-25 µm) of PP14 will already protect its substrate (the second layer simply will do nothing).

  • Costwise:

Low in costs compare to other CUI prevention methods – less working hours + less material is required

  • Practical:

Fieldjoints/ possible damages are easily coated with the PP14, in the field.

  • Environment:

Our hardened PP14 will only exist out of SIO2; all volatiles will be vapourized; our protection layer fits within the circular economy.

  • Easy to clean:

The innerpipe can be lined with the PP14, so no fouling/ micro-organisms will adhese within the pipe.

Please give us a call or email and give us a heads up on what is going on within your project, plant or production facility.

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