Local Content Strategy

Local Content Strategy

Greenpower Nano B.V. aims to share the benefits of its knowledge across the world where it is bringing its’ technology through its local-content-first strategy. Greenpower Nano is committed to maximising the procurement of local contractors and services as well as improving the capacity and capability of the local people and companies in order to secure sustainable commercial benefits for the local community.

LCF is defined as the total spend retained in the country that benefits business development, contributes to human capability development and stimulates productivity in a country’s economy.

Since 2010, Greenpower Nano has been hiring, training, supporting in all countries where they would like to profit from our surface tecnology. Our philosofy has been standardised in the following rules:

  • Maximise employment of locals and placements on vocational/professional training, making these opportunities attractive to local technical school leavers
  • Maximise expenditure on goods and services required for the project within the country where the project will be executed
  • Maximise and develop locally produced materials, products and equipment that (i) maximise value-add within the country, (ii) introduce new technologies, and (iii) grow sustainability sense within the country and the mind of its locals.
  • Develop world class domestic capability in vocational/professional education and training institutions, matched to ‘real’ industry opportunities
  • (Within tender evaluation) Reward contractors who commit to the local community, in both short-term (contract execution) and in the longer term.

In 2015, Greenpower Nano awarded contracts to locally registered firms within the country the project was executed. The Company has broadened its support of domestic businesses through a variety of initiatives, including technical assistance, ring-fencing the supply of locally manufactured/provided goods and services and on the job training to create more skilled personnel. Team members of Greenpower Nano are the first point of contact for ICF advice in their directorates, lead ICF evaluations in tendering and promote ICF achievements across the Company.

General note on LCF practices:

  • There is no single, universally applicable approach to local business development; each situation needs to be assessed on its own merits
  • Local business development projects should be capable of being assessed in terms of quantifiable business benefits
  • Local business development is a three-way activity in that it should be thought of as a joint activity performed by Client, Greenpower Nano and Contractor

If you are interested to become our Local supplier, please send your application to info@greenpowernano.nl